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Virus Bulletin - Viruses and Malware

One thing that confuses many people today is ther difference between viruses and malware

Both of these programs are malicious. 

However to understand the difference between them I use the analogy of the human body.

A virus, as I understand  is an organism that must live within a normal human cell. This is, as I understand the situation of the HIV. 

A computer virus is similar: it usually if found within a "normal" or "proper" program, whether the program is a game, picture editor, word process , actually any executable program, and usually you get them (infect your computer) either from an email, either addressed from someone you know or not, or by sharing a file from someone else, that is copying a file from an infected USB stick, disk CD ROM, or a file sharing program or torrent. Even some websites have been known to have virus codes embedded in their pages!!!

A viruses main characteristics are:

  1. It replicates automatically and unknowingly by the computer user itself into are "normal" programs, and or broadcasts itself via emails and the internet, and more importantly, 
  2. It does some damage, at some stage, waiting for its trigger event to occur, whether it be a date, a keystroke sequence, or and action initialed by the computer user, eg, deleting a file.  

So what can you do if you think you have a virus? Go to our page: virus-help

, are more like bacterial, that is they are a separate entity unto themselves, and can exist/infect a computer without the need to be "injected" into an otherwise normal program.

Many malware programs are of the type commonly known as "rogue fake alerts". This programs pop up as a result of visiting a website that has their code embedded into its pages. 

Usually a small message pops us and says; "Your antivirus is out of date. Please click here to update" or "Scan your computer for errors" or "Warning, your computer may have a virus. Click for a free scan".

And guess what?...yes that's right, they ALWAYS find something wrong( one of which is true..its all fake reports, errors or viruses, they make them up at random!), and you get anxious, and are so happy that they caught it just in time. 

So you click on their seeming harmless button called "FIX ERRORS". Of course, the fixing costs! It looks a harmless $29.95 or whatever, but now they have you! and your $30.00! because now they flood you with a whole raft of similar fake alert messages: "Your computer is slow. Click here to fix" or "You registry contains errors. Click here for free scan." or "Your firewall is turned off. Click here to fix"., and on and on it goes.  



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