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Virus Bulletin - Virus Hoaxes

Some Virus Alerts from friends are Hoaxes.

A classic one is the so-called "Irish Virus"

See here for one.

Another hoax it the "manual virus" blue in the light blue box below. The information contained therein is false, but it is directing you to delete an important Windows file, and guess what?..if you do it Windows becomes unstable. Crazy huh? The actual file jdbgmgr.exe in not a virus!

SORRY - but as you're on my address list this virus has probably forwarded itself on to you.

It is easily removed if you don't open the file (jdbgmgr.exe) It has a teddy bear icon and is not detectable by norton or mcafee.

First go to Start then the find or search option. In the files or folders option type jdbgmgr.exe. Search C drive and tick the 'include subfolders' and any other drives you may have. Click 'find now' - the virus has a grey teddy icon. DO NOT OPEN IT. Go to edit (on the menu bar) and 'select all'. Now go to file (on the menu bar) and DELETE. This will send it to the recycle bin so then go and delet or empty it there as well.

If you find the virus (as I did!) you must contact everyone in your address book and send them these instructions. ASAP.

Below  is a number of sites that list current hoaxes


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