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Other Security Issues

Vulnerabilities - Updates - Patches

Does your computer have all the updates it needs?

Here as a number of programs that check your computer to see if all the Microsoft Windows Security Updates have been installed in your computer:


Belarc Advisor does an audit of your computer software and Microsoft patches/updates.

The html report it produces will show your which updates, patches and vulnerabilities have not been rectified on your system.

Click image below to go to their website.


Secunia provides both an online scan of your system and a downloaded version to scan your system offline.

Click image below to go to their website.



Is your data really safe? Have you backed up lately?

There a number of excellent synchronizing software programs and websites with secure automated offsite backups. Why not use them?

We have found Dropbox and Justcloud both excellent and hassle free.

Why not try them out?

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