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Disclaimer -
Crashed Antivirus Software

Occasionally Antivirus software gets corrupted, either through "things that go bump in the night", viruses, power issues, OS lockups, failed or corrupt updates or a host of other things.

To fix the problem, can sometimes be as easy as un installing and then reinstalling the faulty software... and sometimes not! 

Most software companies produce "tools" that can remove their software and then you can reinstall a clean version from scratch...but not always.

In "THE LINKS" we have compiled a list of links to the various software companies where you can download their in-house software to remove their software.

Sometimes when this does not work, you may have to resort to another process...getting a specialized software package that can do advanced removal of installed software.

We recommend REVO-Uninstaller. Download from



Oh, and just one more thing:  Is your data really safe? Have you backed up lately?

There a number of excellent synchronizing software programs and websites with secure automated offsite backups. Why not use them?

We have found Dropbox and Justcloud both excellent and hassle free.

Why not try them out?

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